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Robbins Reload Inc. located in Fontana, CA. is a full service premier transload and reload serviced by the BNSF Railway. We have been in operation as a full service reload and distribution center at our current facility since 1985. We are proud to be a member of the BNSF Premier Transload Network. We are strategically located near the major consuming markets in Southern California and we can service all of your delivery needs into this region and beyond.

Our onsite management team is here daily to serve your needs and has been intact since our inception. We utilize modern equipment and electronic communication. Our powerful industry specific inventory management system aids in prompt and accurate control of inventory and storage data. Our highly trained and experienced equipment operators help ensure prompt, safe and accurate unloading and loading of your material.

Our facility is 10 acres of open yard storage. Our rail spur is 600 feet long and can handle up to 10 cars at a time. We regularly unload centerbeam cars, bulkhead flat cars and boxcars. We also unload flatbed trucks, van trailers and cargo containers. Our loading dock, wide traffic lanes and easy flow, make our yard very "truck friendly". Our fully fenced yard with nightly patrols offer added security to your material as it awaits shipment to its final destination.

For more than two decades, Robbins Reload Inc. has been developing and implementing a comprehensive system to provide our customers with a cost effective, efficient handling service to help you bring your products to this marketplace.